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With Simply Safe you can instantly connect your store to social channels with a few simple clicks. Your product details and images will automatically sync up with your Social/ Facebook stores, the moment you make changes.

All in One Integrated Online Platform

An intelligent Online POS system with integrated E-commerce website & app, Integrated Online Payment gateways and CRM Portal. The system also has Offline Billing option and works on almost any hardware and POS terminals.

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Inventory Management


System helps you maintain stock by reducing stock for online and offline store sales, manages inventory on Ecommerce website and gives you alerts when you are running out of stock so that you never miss deliveries caused due to "out of stock" items.

Customer Management


Increase Customer Interaction: - with integrated CRM Portal You can increase customer interaction by constantly running SMS and Email Campaign and also by sending Push notification directly to customer’s Mobile. System also have an automated SMS and Feedback form option using which you can regularly check your customer’s Feedbacks and improve your service and product Quality for excellent customer satisfaction.

Financial Accounting


Keep Track of your Money and earnings:- Our system is equipped with many tools and reports like Expense Module, Register Details due payment reports that helps you keep track of the cash flow of Your store And all of the Payments received and sent

Profit & Loss


Profit & Loss:- system helps you understand that you much you are gaining or loosing based on various parameters Like:-daily Profit n Loss report Category, Product & Brand Wise Profit reports and Sales vs Purchase Report so that you can understand that which vendor or which product brand or category is more profitable for you

Payment Gateway


Integrated Payment Gateway and Ecommerce Platform:- Grow your business online by receiving orders and payments online through Website and App. You can also promote your website on various social media platforms Like Facebook and Instragram & Google adwords Features like Online payment gateway integration, easy invoice Generation of received orders and stock management makes your work easy and hassle-free.

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